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12 April 2019 Cunningham Numbers as new ECM Subproject
In our ECM project we are now also trial factoring composites from the Cunningham Project. We already found a factor for the first running composite, which also fully factored this composite.

20 Nov 2018 OGR Status
427 million (81%) of all of the stubs in OGR-28 have been tested once, and more than 140 million have been verified!

18 Oct 2018 Additional ECM Project
We run now also Homogeneous Cunningham Numbers in our ECM projekt.

18 Oct 2018 Article about length of Nontrivial Collatz Cycle
An article about our Nontrivial Collatz Cycle project, which we finished autumn 2017, was published in the German newspaper for mathematics 'Die Wurzel'.

17 Oct 2018 Perfect Cuboid 3rd Batch has finished
If a perfect cuboid exists, its body diagonal exceeds 253.

During this batch we were investigating the range of body diagonal from 251 (2'251'799'813'685'248) to 253 (9'007'199'254'740'992).
17'408 face cuboids,
34'816 imaginary cuboids,
156'672 twilight cuboids,
a total of 208'896 different cuboids
were found with the help of 597'095 workunits.

Thanks to everyone who helped to achieve this Great Result. Now we put the subproject on hold for public code review.


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